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A Guide to working in Construction

A Guide to Working in Construction. If you want to master construction and be an industry leader than subscribe to me on YouTube HERE:

My new method and theory that training workers to think like managers now right from day one is one that will hopefully help transform our industry. Training workers so that they can be the eyes in the field who can identify and report on problems. 

Construction Project Management

In this playlist I start with the basics and will be going into more advanced techniques  as I go. Seriously, construction is very complicated so this is going to take hundreds of videos and I can only produce so many videos with the little time I have between work and the children. Check back every Tuesday when I upload a new video for construction project management. If you want to be notified when I upload new videos then subscribe to my channel RIGHT HERE: 

Live stream every sunday morning

Every Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. MST Edmonton. Each live stream has a live chat for Q&A and discussion among yourselves. Each week I will pick a current trend in construction to talk about and share with you my research. I'm finding a ton of good information for each topic and am adding all of the links to the different sites I visit to the video descriptions. If you want to be notified when I go LIVE then Subscribe HERE: 

field level hazard assessment

Learn the proper way how to complete a hazard assessment. The field level hazard assessment form found in

First day on a construction site

A must watch video for anyone wanting to understand what a worker must do on every new site and for every new task they do.

How to read a tape measure

Awesome, you got the job, prepared for your first day so I am giving you this bonus video to ensure your success.

How to prepare for your first day in construction

Excellent, you got the job, you have your new tools and gear, now what?

start your career in construction

This video will teach you how to find and get hired by only the best and most reputable contractors out there!

Scheduling & Content Major Announcement

Major changes to my content strategy and scheduling for uploads.

Learn commercial drywall in less than 1 hour

Here I condense 12 years of drywall tips & tricks into an hour long video. After watching this you will have a very detailed look into the trade. 

How to build a wall like a pro in 2018

How to build a wall like a pro in 2018 is going to show you a whole bunch of tips & tricks for building a heavy gauge steel stud wall. 16 gauge is extremely difficult to handle & there are more tools & steps involved than anything lighter. 

My vision for 2018

A call to action video. Chris Konkle Vlogs is on the hunt for products and services to showcase on my channel. If you would like to collaborate with me then please get in touch! This can only work if we all work together.

Making construction great again

For all construction workers out there. This video will leave you well informed on what makes a good company to work for and the warning signs that maybe you should move on. 

"We all have a responsibility to drive positive change in a positive way", Chris Konkle.

A little bit about me

Being a creator of any kind takes time, equipment and money. Go a little behind the scenes with me and see the different equipment I use and learn a bit about my process. In order for this to work, a clear transparency must be present and a story must unfold. My severe stage fright is slowly fading and I am coming out from behind the scenes and am moving in front of the camera.

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