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Tools & Safety. How you can help support ChrisKonkleVlogs!

Sometimes it's just cool looking at tools right? The tools that I feature on my shop pages are here to inform you of what tools are in and up-coming.  Let a pro tell you what tools are being used in construction so you don't waste time and money on the cheap stuff. Construction workers need tough and reliable tools that will last long and most importantly make you more money! The prices in this list may change from time to time so watch out for the deals. If you shop anything on Amazon you can go through my website by clicking on any Amazon link. Purchases you make within 24 hours on Amazon will award me a small commission. I appreciate the support so that I can keep doing what I love and that's helping people live better and be free. 

No more wasting time searching through thousands of listings for all of the best tools and gear out there. Let me do all of the work for you and put all of the most widely used and reliable tools for construction in one single place. The most reliable brands that will give you years of tough service all right here! Watch out for good deals right here and jump on them. Make smart purchasing decisions by doing a quick research on pricing. There will always be deals to find on these pages. If you don't find something your looking for then let me know and I will gladly add it. Thank you for your support! 

By making your purchases from Amazon through my site, you  are earning me a commission on each transaction.



Hand tools

PPE - Personal protective equipment