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Chris Konkle

About myself

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After starting in the trades when I was only 15 years old during my summer holidays gave me the upper hand when I started in full time. Here we are now 24 years later and I have so much to share with you. Starting my career as a laborer I worked my way up through the ranks one by one until I eventually became a project manager, company owner and now I bring you and ChrisKonkleVlogs on YouTube and Facebook

My mission is to help grow quality trades people. Because knowing leads to confidence that allows you to to concentrate on your task. When you go in knowing and having a very good idea of what is expected of you and what to expect from them then the job becomes easier. My path was full of trial, error and it was very hard to learn things. It was very rare to have a trades person who was at a higher level than myself want to or even know how to teach me. I have trained many excellent and successful quality trades people who are far into their careers now. 

Because of this rarity for good instructors in the field and the increasing demand for such is why I decided to put all of my lessons onto video for everyone to access freely.  A long with my YouTube channel I have a Facebook page where I post all of the worlds leading construction news, trends and analysis. Over the years I have developed a ton of material for safety, contracts and estimating and I decided to post on a weekly basis to my downloads page right here. 

One of the most serious issues today is a declining interest for working in the trades. The more that I can do to help bring new workers to the industry I am going to do it.  When we have confidence and knowledge of the proper safe work practices and safe job procedures we are creating a safer environment.

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Help me grow on YouTube by watching and subscribing. I upload every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 p.m. (MST) Edmonton.