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Why ChrisKonkleVLogs?

Is it Love & Passion that Drives You?

Why do you do what you do? Construction is a tough business and we do it for the love and the passion. The love for our families that allows us to work tirelessly to give them the lives that they deserve. And the passion for building that drives us to continuously learn, to be quality workers and to be industry leaders. 

Construction is tough business

Working in construction can be very rewarding for many reasons but it can also be very difficult. Being exposed to the elements, work site hazards and the unstable markets that drive employment.  At the moment the only two true ways to learn is by being self-taught in the field or to pay for it in a classroom. I started ChrisKonkleVlogs to give workers the only exclusively free resource for training, learning and to provide a community forum; a place to share your truth, knowledge and experience with other workers.

My mission.

What I teach and promote is organization, leadership and problem solving. I want to help you master construction! To become an industry leader so that you can train others and to become that worker that every contractor wants to hire. Ultimately, so that you can give your family the life they deserve and live out your passion for building with more ease and happiness. Be sure to check back every Tuesday and Thursday 5 p.m.  (MST) for new uploads that will help accelerate your career right HERE:

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